Sunday, September 29, 2013

family pictures

Sharing some family photos - I took these today for our christmas card since it was a gorgeous day! Yes, Christmas card :)  I know, I know....but Groupon offered this amazing deal through Zazzle- $29 for 75 5x7 Cardstock Christmas cards with FREE shippping!  What a deal!!  If you get a chance, check groupon here and there to see if they offer it again.  It truly is an amazing deal!

Here are a few of my favorites:

I love the ones of them running.  Not a care in the world!!

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Simple Pleasures

Hey folks!

Sharing a page I created last week.  I wasn't intending on using the pictures I did.  All I knew was I wanted to create a page using CTMH's Frosted paper pack and incorporate orange rather than pink which comes with the workshop on the go.  The chevrons in this collection are fun!  Don't mind my photography skills on this page- seems a little crooked but I can promise the page is not crooked :)  Anyways, I love the sentiment and thought the pictures fit the page perfect :)  The sentiment is so's the simple things in life.

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

100 Flowers!!

Guess what!  I am ONE follower away from 100 followers!!  Whoot Whoot!! 

I just might have to give away some blog candy!  Once I reach 100, I will post some candy to win! 

Thank you all for following my blog! I enjoy reading your comments and stopping by your blogs too.

Kim :)


Hey blogger friends!

These last few weeks have been busy, but it's a good reminder of how blessed we are to be so involved with LIFE!!  All of the past events have left me with TONs of pictures to scrap :) This past week a miracle happened in our home- Chloe took a nap!  So....I was able to play for a little bit while she was napping :)  Sharing a card today that I created using CTMH's stamp of the month, CTMH baby cakes and a sketch from Deconstructed Sketches:

Baby Cakes is such a fun paper pack....don't let the title of the pack fool you!

Oh how I love fall!!  My days off this week consisted of a few things I love about fall....homemade chili in the crockpot, baking pumpkin muffins, new scentsy scents and crafting!

I'll be linking this up to Heart 2 Heart's alphabet soup challenge.

Enjoy the rest of your day!
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hi!  I'm back to show you another page I created.  It's been great to still be able to create while life's business is going on!  Just what I need to do for myself....when the house is quite, go to my scrappy room and create and forget about all the 'to dos'.  After all, it is therapy right?  :)

This page was created with scraps from my stash.  It turned out pretty cute.  This picture of my little family was taken on Mother's Day, which also happened to be the day my kiddos were dediciated.  I love the sentiment at the top, "Together is the best."  So true.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pig Roast Update

Good Morning,

Our church's annual pig roast was a huge success yesterday! 

When guests arrive, they are given a ticket or tickets depending on the number of people with their group and that ticket is for their food.  By around 445, there was so many people and some were coming in and not getting a ticket and just getting in line for their food.  At this point my husband went out to the parking lot to act as a parking lot attendant because it was out of control- a good out of control.  At one point, I believe I saw the line continuing out the door of our church.  At the end of the roast, we counted up the tickets and our number was over 600 and there were many we couldn't account for because they had never received a ticket.  It's safe to say our church served somewhere around 650-675.  That is incredible!

The coolest part about this is at 515 our pastor gives a message, not a long message, 20 minutes or so and when I was walking around serving water and coffee, I looked around and there were tables filled with familiar faces and new faces, some of whom had taken a free bible. There was fellowship.  Our tent seated 350 and it was packed and some people were sitting outside.  That means that at least 350 heard an awesome message yesterday, they heard the good news.

I honestly can't tell you what an amazing experience this was to be apart of.  We serve an amazing God and to see his hand in everything was such an experience.  From seeing our church raise thousands of dollars to put on this huge event to seeing new faces, all of it was so humbling.  On the way home, Chuck and I were discussing the day and the people we met and saw.  We will definitely be on the list of volunteers next year, if possible, we would love to be on the planning committee again.

During the day, there was a scripture that was stuck in my head from a recent bible study of the book of James, you may have heard it:

James 2:8
If you really keep the royal law found in scripture, "love your neighbor as yourself" you are doing right.

So true.  Don't judge, just love those around you as you would yourself. 

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Saturday, September 7, 2013


Hello there!

We were at church last night setting up for our annual pig roast that is taking place today and wow, it's going to be great!  I can't wait to see what's in store for our church and to see how many people we serve.  Last year we served a little over 500 people in our community and this year our goal is 600.  The food is great (3 pigs donated), the message is great and there is a carnival area for the kids along with a bouncy house.  There are 3 main families that are in charge and we are one of them this year, but there are a TON of people that help with this awesome event. The funny thing is about 4 years ago before attending church, we saw the free pig roast signs everywhere around town and here we are helping.  I have a few fun pictures to share with you:

 The tent- isn't it gorgeous? And HUGE! :)
Bouncy House- fun fun!

I think my little chloe is trying to figure out how in the world she is going to get into the bouncy house :)

Beau practicing  :) All the walls in the gym are filled with stuffed animals for the kids to win.  This picture does not do justice of how many there are.  I know because I helped hang them up hehe It's really cool how many there are. There are 6 game stations along with face painting.

Welcome bags that my boy helped me with.  He helped by putting the little sticker on the front of the bag.  At first I told him "no, this is mommy's job" but then I thought better.  So he helped and he was happy and so was I :)

Anyways, just thought I'd share a little bit of what will be taking place at the pig roast :)

On to my page :)  I have to say when I first saw CTMH's Proplayer, I did not like it.  After creating 3 layouts with it, I LOVE IT.  Sometimes I think that's what we need to do, challenge ourselves and think outside of the box.  Last month, the kids and I drove to Superior Wisconsin to visit with my Cousin and her kids.  It was such a fun beautiful day! This page was inspired by THIS PAGE on Pinterest.

Thank you for stopping by!  I'll have to fill you in on our church's final number :)

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wedding Pics Sneak Peeks!

Just sharing a few wedding pictures I took at my friends outdoor wedding this weekend :)  They decided 3 weeks ago to get married before their baby arrives in October so it was a scramble but it all worked out.  It always does :)

Of course I couldn't resist pregnancy pictures too :)

I hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek.  I was able to capture 236 pictures from 430 to 730 and I still have more to edit.  It was a blast taking snapshots for them and capturing their happiness.  Have a good night!