Sunday, September 8, 2013

Pig Roast Update

Good Morning,

Our church's annual pig roast was a huge success yesterday! 

When guests arrive, they are given a ticket or tickets depending on the number of people with their group and that ticket is for their food.  By around 445, there was so many people and some were coming in and not getting a ticket and just getting in line for their food.  At this point my husband went out to the parking lot to act as a parking lot attendant because it was out of control- a good out of control.  At one point, I believe I saw the line continuing out the door of our church.  At the end of the roast, we counted up the tickets and our number was over 600 and there were many we couldn't account for because they had never received a ticket.  It's safe to say our church served somewhere around 650-675.  That is incredible!

The coolest part about this is at 515 our pastor gives a message, not a long message, 20 minutes or so and when I was walking around serving water and coffee, I looked around and there were tables filled with familiar faces and new faces, some of whom had taken a free bible. There was fellowship.  Our tent seated 350 and it was packed and some people were sitting outside.  That means that at least 350 heard an awesome message yesterday, they heard the good news.

I honestly can't tell you what an amazing experience this was to be apart of.  We serve an amazing God and to see his hand in everything was such an experience.  From seeing our church raise thousands of dollars to put on this huge event to seeing new faces, all of it was so humbling.  On the way home, Chuck and I were discussing the day and the people we met and saw.  We will definitely be on the list of volunteers next year, if possible, we would love to be on the planning committee again.

During the day, there was a scripture that was stuck in my head from a recent bible study of the book of James, you may have heard it:

James 2:8
If you really keep the royal law found in scripture, "love your neighbor as yourself" you are doing right.

So true.  Don't judge, just love those around you as you would yourself. 

Thank you for stopping by.  Hoping today you find joy :)


  1. That's AWESOME!!!! I love that so many people showed up!!! YAY!!! And so true about judging ... I wish EVERYONE had that attitude! Especially yesterday when I was at a luncheon! LOL!!!

    1. Me too! I had to remind myself of this yesterday as I saw a guy continuously getting food all day. He arrived around 330 and was there until we put the food away. When we put the food away, he grabbed a plate and filled it with coleslaw and another and filled it with beans. It was though he hadn't eaten in days and most likely hadn't. I had to remember I didn't know his story. All I knew was he was being fed, was safe, and he heard a great message. There are so many times it's hard not to judge.