Thursday, November 28, 2013


It's Thanksgiving... A day of thankfulness, family, food and laughter!  I hope all my American followers have a wonderful Thannksgiving.  I sure am thankful for all of you following my blog and sharing in our passion of paper crafting.  I'm home with my lovies- just us 4.  It's weird not traveling anywhere but exciting to be able to start our own traditions.

Here are a few pages I thought I'd share to celebrate Thanksgiving:

 This picture is one of my favorites.  Chloe is bawling, beau is being a silly boy and driving the tractor and chuck and I are giggling while my mom takes the picture....just enjoying the ride.

 My country kids. 
 Me and my hubby.  He has shaved since this picture- I guess all my complaining paid off :) 
Yup, these are just a few random findings I find in my house weekly.  Chloe potty training her dolls and beau making signs "no chloe's allowed."  I laugh and try to embrace all these little things.  Thank God we moms have moments like this to giggle at. 

I hope your hearts are warm today, tummy's full and you are enjoying time with your family.

Blessings, Kim


  1. Great layouts! Happy Thanksgiving Kim!

  2. These are all gorgeous!! LOVING that grid design on the first one! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Wonderful layouts Kim with some great ideas!!

  4. Great layouts! Loving the potty training one - so cool that you captured that funny moment.