Saturday, December 14, 2013

Activities on our advent calendar

Hello there!  Someone asked me (Cheryl from Even more Scrapping) btw, check out her blog :) if I would post the activities that are on our family advent calendar.  Here's our fun list:

(in no particular order)

  • Make hot chocolate w/marshmallows- note to self, do not do before bed :)  Yup I learned:)
  • Make popcorn
  • Read Christmas stories or a Christmas story
  • Watch a Christmas movie
  • Make a batch of Christmas cookies- it's really fun if you let your kids pick the cookie.  Goggle and show them pictures and let them choose.  If you have a few kids- let each of them pick and spread it out over the 25 days.  Oldest goes first, etc.
  • Build a snowman
  • Hang Christmas lights outside- this is a daddy/kiddo moment :)  I'm too cold! :)
  • Wrap a Christmas gift or gifts- let your kids wrap- seriously.  One gift that looks horrible to you will mean so much to them! And the recipient will love it.
  • Make a homemade ornament- we make ornaments out of left over TP rlls.  Check pinterest for this.  I wrap the tp roll in scrapbooking paper and then cut each piece around 1/2 inch wide and adhere to form a flower. (I use crystal glass by ctmh.) Stick a button in the middle and ribbon at the top and there you go!  A stressfree and fun ornament.
  • Write a letter to Santa
  • Visit a food shelf with a bag goods- great experience for your kiddo!!  Let them pick out the canned goods.
  • Donate an older toy or toys- another really great teaching lesson and giving experience for your kiddo! It's tough but has a lot of meaning.
  • Sing Christmas songs
  • Make homemade Christmas cards for grampa and grammas- let them scribble away!
  • Put up Christmas decorations-I literally let them put out about 50% of our Christmas decor where ever.  We know what it would look like if they were trying to put out the nativity scene, so while you are doing that, let them put out other fun Christmas decor (pillows on the couch, towels, rugs, nicknacks here and there, etc) It's fun for them, gets them in the Christmas spirit and they feel like they contributed. (and it really helps you out :))  This was really hard for me last year because I like things to be in order.  I soon realized it wasn't about my need to be in order rather more about (at the time) beau's excitement (chloe was too little to get into it) as he asked me if he could hang a certain item on the wall.  Just remember, the Christmas decor is only out for about a month or month and half!  Does not matter!
  • Learn a Christmas verse- so important!!
  • Go sledding- laugh and have fun with your kids when you do this!
  • Go ice skating- this is not as easy as it sounds.  Remember, your kids do this a few times in the year.  Beau is still learning and needs lots of help.  Bring a folding chair with you and remember to praise them. 
  • Make reindeer candy canes- pinterest
  • Play Christmas Bingo- search pinterest for this, there are some really cool free printables
  • Have a snowball fight (indoors if it's too cold with socks- let your kids throw them at you and vice versa)
  • Have a candle light dinner (if you have a young boy, you would understand the excitement the fire at the table would bring) :)
  • Visit Santa
  • Tell a Christmas memory (my kids are so young they might not have any, but important for us parents to tell them one :)- funny, sad, happy, etc)
  • Celebrate Jesus-Christmas Day- a big dinner and of course prayer and say what we are thankful for and Happy Birthday Jesus!

Some require more time than others.  Some depend on weather- we pick a new one if it's too cold for an outdoor activity.  The main focus is the kids are learning about Christmas and why we celebrate.  So far, my kids(and I) have been loving it.  I was excitedly surprised at my 5 year old's willingness to donate toys.  It's tough for kids to do that! But it's our job as parents to teach our kiddos that material things don't matter and there is another child that would love to play with a toy that they haven't touched in months.  The past 13 days have been very fun.  If only if it would warm up so we could go outside! -25 is not fun!  Hoping these next few weeks before Christmas warm up or I may be thinking of other activities!

I'd love to hear other ideas from you!  Please comment if you have any!

Thanks for stopping by!
Stay warm! It's about -20 as I write this!  It needs to warm up in northern MN!

Kim :)

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  1. These are awesome!! Such great ideas!!! One thing we do is a Christmas Angel -- we love to go to the store together to pick up a present for a child in need :)