Thursday, December 19, 2013

No creations, but a cute post :)

Helllo there!  Well, I took my last final yesterday and I'm happy to report my grades:

Statistics- A
Management- B
Macroeconomics-??  I'm seriously praying for a C.

I can live with the C.  It was the class from you know where. How I managed an A in statistics I do not know but I will kiss the textbook for good luck before I ship it off to my buyer :)

So, I have no projects to share today, just the STORY that my 5 year old told me yesterday:  (I use this blog sometimes for things I want to always remember as a reference. Also, I'm on Christmas break for a whole month and will be creating again.  I have an awesome secret santa gift to share soon from one of my team members!! You will be wowed!  I'll also be sharing some cards, etc.)

So here's the story: (on our way to awanas-it's a good thing we were headed for church :))

Beau: Mom, did I tell you about the reindeer that has been living in my room under my bed?
Me: No!  Where on earth did you get a reindeer?
Beau: I've been hiding him.
Me: When did you get him?
Beau: Remember when I got my new bike?  Well, I tied rope to it and biked to the store.
Me: How in the world did you bike to the store without me knowing? How did you get him in the house?
Beau:  I went all by myself! Well, we biked back and he was tiny then like a mouse so he just came in the front door.
Me: Really?!  Have you been feeding him?
Beau: Yes, 14 ozs of lettuce a day!!  He's kinda a pig.
Me: Wow, what are you going to do when he grows bigger?
Beau: Well, I think I'm going have to get rid of my bunk bed on the bottom.  I'll just sleep on the top.
Me: Have you been giving him cuddles?
Beau: Yes mama, his antlers have grown a lot!  I'll show you him tomorrow, K mama?
Me: Okay, by the way, what's his name?
Beau:  Chuck Charles, just like my daddy.

I love him.  I love his imagination.  I hope this is not an indication of the stories and lies he will tell me when he is 16.

Between his story and a day of this from our 2 year old: (which by the way, I could kiss her and love her all day!)
This was the perfect spot for our elf....(whom Chloe says is "scarey mama!!"
Yes, that is our elf, Roni,  (Like MaciRONI!)  He has been placed next to the nice list. Our elf only comes out 10 days before Christmas because I do not want to stress over an elf! :) He's been found riding 4 wheelers with barbie, in the sugar canister and in the carmel corn bowl.  He has also been known to turn our milk green, pee green in the toilet, have a bubble bath in the sink with barbie and spiderman AND throw underware all over our tree! 

Believe in the magic of Christmas.  Christmas is full of miracles.

Merry Christmas to you all!!



  1. That is such a CUTE story about the reindeer!!!!! I loveeeeee the photos!!! Brookie loves our Elf .... the first she asks about when she wakes up and comes home from school is "Where's Timothy?" ... lol!! CONGRATS on the grades!!!!

  2. Your post made me tear up...So full of love! Beau has the best imagination!!! I am glad that you jotted this down so that you will remember it always. Chloe is so cute!!!! And, you got an A in Statistics because you have been working hard and earned it! Good for you!!!!

  3. Super sweet! Love those stories, they sure are moments to treasure.

  4. So love his little imagination. I can just hear him telling you about his reindeer. Proud of you and your grades. You have been working so hard at this and it's paying off! Little Miss Attitude is adorable.....she is already a little Diva. Cannot wait to spend time with them and you & Chuck over Christmas.

  5. Oh out of the mouth of babes.. Happy Christmas to you!!