Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 weeks

Hi friends!

I don't have any creative projects to share today- just a few pictures of what's been going on in my world these past few weeks- sit back, relax and enjoy the pictures because there are lots of them :) Shhhh....I'm supposed to be wrapping presents! 

Pre-destination: Mexico!

The view from our balcony- we stayed at a RIU in Puerto Vallarta

 The Beach at our hotel :)

Chuck and I stopped one day at what we thought would be a hole in the wall restaurant.  It ended up being a beautiful eatery outside in the back of the restaurant.  There were huge avocado trees, mango trees, banana trees, coconuts, etc.  It was so gorgeous.  The best part was we were the only ones there for lunch and got the royal treatment!!  It was quite the  little 'hole in the wall' if ya ask me :)

The gentleman in the picture with us made us custom necklaces from a coconut shell.  The next picture shows the cross he made for us. 
Can you see Jesus?  His name is written in the cross. 

This picture was taken after the most delicious Brazilian meal we had ever eaten (well the only one eaten lol)!  It was seriously a 9 course meal!! 

One morning Chuck and I hopped on a bus and traveled on it for about 45 min until we decided to get off.  We ended up in Puerto Mita - a beautiful little town. 

Bucerias- this was probably one of our most favorite days.  We walked the beach to a little town called Bucerias.  We stopped for an hour massage on the beach, shopped and ate lunch at the little hole in the wall I mentioned earlier.  Oh by the way, you can get an hour massage on the beach for only $20!  Pure relaxation and paradise!

We arrived home last weekend have been finishing up with the Christmas decorations, shopping and baking.  Well, I should say I have been- Chuck has been so sick!  The sickest I have ever seen him!  Took him right to the urgent care.  He had the flu but is feeling much better now.  Guess our week in paradise was really over and back to reality!  That's okay because I sure missed these little elfs....

Rugrats sneaking candy canes :)

Caught red handed!  There's even a little evidence on her face!

Beau's Preschool Christmas Program

Baking Cookies :)  This gingerbread recipe was from Beau's new book so we had to try it! As beau says, 'for real!'

Caught red handed 

Enjoying Christmas cookies and watching Christmas movies...

Enjoy your Christmas celebrating our Savior's birth and remembering all that there is to be thankful for.  Hug your kids a little tighter and kiss them a little more and say a prayer for the families whose little ones were innocently taken from them in Newtown.  My heart goes out to all of the families and their community.

Blessings to you all- Merry Christmas and I'll catch up next week!


  1. What great photos Kim and it looks and sounds like you two had a relaxing time just enjoying each others company. Can't wait to see the scrapbook layouts you create with these. Merry Christmas.

  2. Loved the photos- and what a fun trip! Your kids are too cute for words Kim!!