Monday, December 3, 2012

Oh Burlap tree oh burlap tree....

Hello!  Just a quick post tonight....I wanted to share this little burlap tree I made with you:

This is NOT at all how I intended this tree to look.  I wanted the burlap with a FEW buttons and a giant bow at the top.  Well, my 4 year old wanted to 'help', rather than get frustrated, I let him help me decorate it and this will be our special project for years to come :)  He loved it and had fun! And that makes me happy.  Then my little baby girl crawled up on the table to get in on the action too.  A good memory :)  Anyways, I plan on making another one with just plain burlap- I thought I'd post the picture so you get an idea of the burlap tree anyways.  I started with a cheerio box and hubby rolled it up to a cone while I super glued.  What a hubs huh? lol  Then I cut 2 inch pieces of burlap and hot glue those babies on! 

I had another cone ready to go but found a better fitting project for it:

Meet Roni, our elf!  He's been up to no good since the 1st I tell you~  First a bubble bath in the bathroom sink with marshmallows and a few friends, then taking cowboy hats, hiding under glasses and now this!  Geeezzz~!  Anyways, beau is going to laugh so hard when he finds him tomorrow!

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Do you have an elf?  I'd love some elf ideas!  Have a great night!  I'm off to catch up on my dvr'd Dr. Phil's! lol

~Kim :)


  1. You are soooo funny!!!
    Cute tree!!

  2. What a fun tree! Kids at school have been telling me all about this elf. Pretty fun.