Monday, December 31, 2012

Say What?!

Happy New Year's blogger friends!

Today I woke up and had weigh in day....not good let me tell you!  I gained!!  2 lbs!  Say what?!  I'm not sure what happened!  It's very frustrating though.  You see, I purposely picked Monday's as my weigh in days so that it forced me to watch it over the weekends.  Well, today starts a new week so here's to a new week- cheers! lol  One thing I'm going to do is download the ww app to my phone.

Do any of you have new year resolutions?  Every year I try to focus on the following- one of my aunties told me about a few years ago and I thought it was a great idea :

1. Faith- any suggestions for a good devotional?
2. Family
3. Friends
4. Fitness- Shred and WW
5. Finances- over the past 2 years, chuck and I managed to pay off over $20K in debt. It wasn't easy- we made a lot of sacrifices and have done a lot of frugal living but it's been totally worth it.  We now live debt free other than our house.  Our quality of life has improved as we've had more money to do fun things.  It would be nice to put more money away or towards our house this next year.  I guess you could say we used the 'snowball' effect.  We focused on the smallest bill and when it was paid off, we put that payment into the next larger bill and so forth.  We also quit using cash cards/debit cards and strictly use cash for the week.

So, that's my focus for the upcoming year.

Have a wonderful New Year's!  Thank you for following my blog!  I love reading your comments!



  1. Don't let the 2 lb gain get you down. I weigh in on Mondays as well and knew that over the holidays I was going to just let go and get back on track today. I gained 4 lbs. and now I get back up and continue to lose.

  2. That's great that you are debt-free now! Don't feel bad about the 2 pounds, pretty much everyone gained over the holidays.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Yours is filled with awesome creations! Also downloaded the we app. Bound determined to lose this year. Jennifer Rothschild has a great devotion called "fresh grounded faith: devotions to awaken your spirit"

  4. Lol Kim just visited your St blog and your heart to heart gdt page and saw where you live. For 2 years we were Sorta neighbors as we lived in Plain view Mn. From 2005-2007. Now we are back in upstate NY. Lol I wanted scrap buddies in Mn. So bad and since moving back to NY. I have met so many cyber buddies from mn.