Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Day after Christmas!

Well, did Santa bring you all of your heart's desires?  We sure had some pretty happy elf's around here!  It was just our little family yesterday.  Our house was loud, messy and I LOVED every minute of it!  We played and played all day with our new toys and cuddled in at night to finish off Christmas Day with The Grinch.  It was the best Christmas....(I say that every year but seriously...we get more and more blessed every year and these kiddos really are what make it so fun!) Both of the kids were so fun this year!  Beau is learning that this is the day we celebrate Jesus' birthday and who Santa is and Chloe LOVED opening her gifts! Here are a few pictures for you!  Enjoy~!

Beau was up at 6am and woke his sister up.  She was not happy! Once she saw all the presents and started opening them, she was a happy girl!

A train set for beau!

A new stroller for Chloe for her 'bebes'


A new highchair too!

A new nerf gun too!

Playing with his big brother....I mean daddy :)

My sweet girl~ PS do you like her hair?  Gramma cut it after getting gummy's stuck in it :)

My handsome little man

A little horsin' around.....

And a little Christmas love.

My boy playing with his train set this morning :)

I love my little family and all the joy they bring to me daily.  I hope you had a very blessed Christmas~

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  1. Looks and sounds like you had a most perfect Christmas at your house. Thanks for sharing.