Friday, January 18, 2013

It's finally finished!

Hello!  No card today, but I do have a pretty awesome project to share~  I started this project while pregnant with chloe.  It's a project that meant so much to me but has went unfinished.  I'm not sure I'd have ANY time or PATIENCE to complete it.  Are you wondering what it is?  A QUILT!  I don't even sew buttons so don't ask me what I was thinking when I let my friends convince me to sign up for a 'beginner' pinwheel quilters class.  AND I should mention, "beginner" and "pinwheel" should not be in the same sentence nor should there be a class.  There is nothing 'beginner' level about it!!  I learned a lot about quilting and learned that I simply do not have the time or patience for it.  I admire you quilters out there!!  I started the quilt and managed to complete 14 blocks and then they sat, in a plastic bin starring at me- for 2 years!  So much hard work and love went into these blocks.  I knew I wanted to do something with them....

I work in an insurance agency and one of our insured is a very advent quilter.  My boss is going to have her sew a few smaller quilts for our break room wall.  That's when the light bulb went off!  I immediately thought HIRE HER!  She came to the office 2 weeks ago and picked up my bin of blocks.  I had patterns for a few more blocks that were not completed.  We discussed the colors I liked and layed out different designs.  We also discussed price....$50.  Are you kidding me!!  I feel like I got the sweetest deal ever!   I paid her today, but knowing this individual, I knew she wouldn't accept more so she'll be getting a little package from me as well.

Well, she dropped off the finished project today and I couldn't be happier.  I love it so much!  The backing is flannel with moose and deer on it. It's perfect for my family.  There are actually 4 squares across- 5 rows.  Here she is: (this was the best full view picture I could get)


While I didn't complete the project myself, I'm happy we can enjoy it and I can one day show my kids the blocks I completed.


  1. It looks absolutely wonderful and how lucky were you to find her.

  2. Pretty quilt, Kim! $50 is way underpriced for finishing this quilt! You're a lucky gal.....
    Enjoy your lovely quilt!

    :) Marie

  3. Fabulous quilt. As a former "sewer" I can appreciate all the time and effort that went into this quilt. I did sewing for years and years, and My Mother could never understand why I didn't make a quilt. (I know why...too time consuming...LOL)
    I did make quilt blocks, for pillows, aprons, etc. and even they seemed to take forever. My poor sewing machine has been so neglected...not even sure if it works any more. It's all one of my best friend's fault. She introduced me to paper