Saturday, January 5, 2013

Let me crawl in a hole! Please!

Oh boy, I need to share with you the most embarrassing moment I have had in a very long time!  It occurred this afternoon while shopping in walmart.  While approaching the check out, we ran into my brother in law and nephew- I told my husband I was going to run and grab something and I'd be right back (pads). I grabbed them and returned to the checkout but my hubby and kids weren't there anymore.  I walked around and found them talking to my boss and his wife!  Yes, I had my pads in my hand!  Our cart was full and both of the kids were in the cart.  As approaching them, I could feel my face start on fire!  I quickly threw the pads in the cart and acted 'natural.'  Yeah, not real easy with a 4 year old that explained to them that 'his mom wears those!'  OMG, I wanted to crawl in a hole and die!!  We said our goodbyes and all my husband and I could do was laugh! 

Kids....they certainly make life interesting and there's never a dull moment! While driving home, I told Chuck I felt like I wanted to crawl in a hole and die!  Beau immediately said, mama you can't dig a hole and die in there!  No way mama!  No way!  Again, all I could do was look at chuck and laugh!

Monday should be an interesting, yet awkward day at work!


  1. Thought I'd poke in....and so glad I did!
    First off...saying you were in WM, well dang...anything could have
    happened! LOL!
    Where on earth your little one thought to SAY that as that,
    that was funny! No awkwardness at work, anyone would appreciate
    how funny/awful/embarrassing/etc that moment was...gotta love kids!

    Thanks for the share! =)

  2. Oh dear, I was coming by to say thanks for coming by my blog and then I read this.. I hope your day got better after that... why do you get embarrassed by the things we need as women... but we do!! If only we could take it all so lightly like our kids do!! Thanks for coming by my blog!! This post made me crinch and smile!!