Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BirTHday Celebrations!

So I've been blogging about the birthday tree I'm going to introduce to my family.  My boy is at the age where 'he will remember' (age 3, will be 4 next month).  Sooooo, thankfully I came across This BLOG and got some awesome inspiration for a birthday tree! 

And because I am a pinteresting/blogger junkie, I also came across some cute ideas that we are incorporating this year and for years to come.  

How's this for an idea:

A birthday book!  We can fill photos with this bad boy and even give an exclusive interview to the birthday king/queen!  Very cool!  You can order it on amazon for $9.99.

I also came across this:

YES, it's called "THE HIDDEN CUPCAKE" and I bet your kids will love it!  Find out more about it Here! 

Both of these are such awesome ideas for birthdays!  My boy (and eventually my little girl, Chloe) is going to be so happy birthday week! 

I found the birthday book and cupcake idea at Achieving Creative Order. Check it out!  So many cool ideas!

Finding all of these awesome ideas makes me truly appreciate how many things my parents did for me!  They didn' have blogs or pinterest to help guide them along their way...they made up their own ideas!  While I have made up a few of my own, I'm so thankful to have stumbled along these creative moms!

What are your birthday traditions?

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  1. I love that hidden cupcake idea! How adorable. I'm going to have to remember that one for when I have kids :)