Saturday, October 20, 2012

Creations on the Homefront

Hey there crafty friends!

So, I've been blogging about my creations that I've made and thought I would share where I have put them.

Here are a few shots featuring the family blocks and the SPooKY plague I made:

Family blocks:  Looks like I need to move that "F" over a little! lol This sits in our kitchen above the key ring shelve.

"SPookY!" Sits in the middle of a basket I hung on the wall.  I really wanted a shelve but couldn't find any that I liked so I hung this basket on my wall in the kitchen.  It works and it cost me nothing!  yay!  Anyways, this is the Fall/Halloween theme I have going on in my kitchen...I love that there are no little fingers that can touch it :)  Everything fits nice and cozey

Crafting always on my mind....KIm!

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