Tuesday, November 20, 2012

10 Things I have learned in 2012....thus far

I came across something fun today.....name 10 things you have learned in 2012.  Here we go!  These by no means are in any particular order:

1.  I realized how important GOD is in my life!  My husband and I became members of our church this past October.  We have longed for a church to call 'home' and we finally found it.  I also realized how badly I want my children to come to know Him and have a personal relationship with him.  It's amazing to me how much my 4 year old has already learned!  I love how he asks questions or tells me things like 'mama, there's only 1 God right?' It's pretty amazing to hear your child ask these questions and to hear their sweet prayers at night. 

2.  My little girl who is almost 18 months doesn't say much and I'm okay with that.  Maybe 5 words.  I don't compare to other moms or kids because I have learned every kid is different.  Her brother does most of her talking :)  She just points and shakes her head yes or no. 

3.  I love my job.  I love working part time and being home part time.  I really do get the best of both worlds!  Some days I appreciate working more than other days if you know what I mean :)  Hey, every mom needs to 'recharge.'  My job is literally .5 miles (if that) from the school.  Extra bonus :)

4.  I have not stuck to one diet this whole year!  lol  BUT I do love Weight Watchers and have been successful when I half way stick to it.  If that makes any sense?

5.  My family is my world.  There is not one thing I wouldn't do for my kids or husband.  They make me laugh every day, get me frustrated and keep me on my toes constantly and I would never have it any other way.  They give the best hugs any mom/wife could ever want and hearing my little boy tell me, "I love ya mama, you're the best' will never get old to me and will melt my heart each time I hear it.  And the best part- soon my little girl will talk too.  My hubby gives the best backrubs and wisker kisses too.

6.  I have learned to stay off the internet when trying to diagnose my kids illnesses.  Before you know it, they have every disease known to man! lol

7.  I have absolutely no time to exercise.  Well, I suppose I could if I didn't blog, stamp and scrap....what fun would that be now?  Of course it will be on my list for 2013 resolutions- it is every year!! 

8.  I appreciate my husband so incredibly much.  He may not pick up after himself everyday but I appreciate how hard working he is and the things he has done for our family.  I have always appreciated him but more so this year as he worked out of town a lot this summer.  While I was at home 'keeping the house under control' he was working 15-16 hours a day.  It was crazy at home and I got frustrated but then remembered he will be home for 6 months EVERYDAY this winter.  (he does concrete work)  I think he deserves some credit for that right? :)  He's a pretty amazing hubby and daddy- extra bonus!

9.  I realized I can handle a lot.  See #8- hubby gone a lot this summer.  While all of this was going on, my daughter was getting tested for milk allergies and getting treated for rashes.  We had a lot of urgent care visits, doc appointments, plus I worked full time for a few of the weeks chuck was gone- yes, the house was a crazy mess and it was caotic but I managed and most importantly, my kids were happy.  I learned to give single moms a lot more credit than I already do. 

10.  I've learned to set goals and go for it!  2 goals I have had this past year- 1) set aside more time to stamp like when I the kids are in bed and the house/laundry are in an ok state that I can live with.  2)  Start the process to go back to school.  I have 3 years under me and it's time to finish what I started.  I have no plans of ever leaving my current job.  This is a just a personal goal of mine.  So wish me luck!! lol

I think I could seriously name a ton more things!  There is so much I have learned and continue to learn daily!  There's never a dull moment in this life, that's for sure!

Thanks for checking in and have a great rest of the day!  Kim :)

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