Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cards for Daddy

On Tuesday, this little man turned 4:

And tomorrow it's my hubby's birthday:

Yes, our son is a mini chuck!  Infact, some friends even call beau chuck! lol

Here is the card beau made for his daddy today:

He picked the papers out himself and the stamps.  I put out 5 stampsets and told him to pick 2 that he liked.  The clock on there is because chuck has a pocket watch.  The green square is a present with a bow on top.  I love the stamp on top- U and Me cute for this card.  Of course he can't read to see what is says but it's so fitting- they are buds!  Beau is so excited to give it to him.  He said daddy is going to 'freak out!'  I think he meant be surprised? lol  Oh I love this age!  I love his sweet.  He was pretty excited about using 'tape' and scissors too! Oh and the ink!!  lol

Here is the card and little treat pail I made after working with Beau: (he loves tootsie rolls)  I kept with the same sketch as the Christmas card I made this morning. 

The treat pail idea came from Brenda Rose- check out her blog Here- Treat Pails!  Trust me- you'll LOVE her blog!

Well, the kids are napping so I'm headed back to my scraproom to pick up and then on to laundry....I would much rather be scrappin! ~Kim


  1. I love when the kids get into the craft supplies... (in a controlled way, of course!). You will have to take photos of Beau's daddy opening the card, and then scrapbook them, WITH the card! Precious!

  2. Absolutely Precious!! Your post makes me smile! Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  3. Well, you're treat pail is just adorable! You have a really fun week going on!